Saturday, December 5, 2009

loooong time break

can't believe that i'm now a mummy to a sweet and adorable little gurl and a baby boy. my baby boy is almost 1 month now. means that my berkurung time will be ended soon. yeyyy! this time, my confinement time was a bit harder than last time. my dear baby was admitted for 2 times due to jaundice. Alhamdulillah, after trying all those petua2, but not makan2 one, now he's getting better. syukur Alhamdulillah.
i'm thinking to start taking all those jamu. maybe next dear irfan... it's time for mama to struggle and work hard to get back the anak dara shape.hehe...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not bad huh..

okla. not bad la for beginner kan. hehe.. penat gak nak decorate blog ni.
spent almost one hour for that.

luckily qis already 'bum bum'. but definately me also have to 'bum bum', since my qis as usual will wake up veeerryy early in the morning. no chance for me to sleep back. ok, nite everyone..


Finally, i have my own blog. Yeyyy! Thought of starting my own blog for quite some times already, but my lil qis always keep me buzy. Since my little princess is now a big gurl already, so i can spend a few moments for this. Actually, she's not really a big gurl yet, not even 2 yo yet, but me and hubby starting to tell her that she's a big gurl already, since she's going to have a lil' brother soon.

I'll try to keep updating this blog whenever i got time.

Now, while i'm typing this, my lil qis also buzy jumping and climbing here and there. Adoi! boleh sakit jantung mama macam ni. Active betul si kecik ni.

My lil qis is almost 20 months. At her age now, i am very grateful and proud of what she's able to do, which sometimes i don't expect that. And on the other hand, i'm also pening and penat nak melayan si kecik ni. After all, it's fun! Haha..Mothers out there, i bet all of u also feeling like me:)

My qis love to sing (buai laju2, twinkle2, elmo song, tepuk amai2, old mcdonald and afew more songs). She will sing only a few words from that song, and it's really funny. part high note yg tak tahan tu.
her fav song sounds like this ...wai...ju...ju...
haha...anyone. can guess what song is that