Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Irfan started formula...

hmm... actually sedih jugak. tapi nak buat macam mana, susu drop sangat, so i have to start giving Irfan formula. i guess sebab puasa kut.

apa pun, aku tetap bersyukur sebab boleh fully breastfeed Irfan sampai 9 bulan lebih! it's really not an easy job and it needs a lot of sacrifice. i believe working mommies yang ada experience nih would agree with me. mana dengan bz kerja, terpaksa curi masa pam susu, cut short break time nak pam susu, bangun tengah malam pam susu, carik tempat strategic nak pam susu kat office (sampaikan meeting room pun jadik mangsa.hehehe)...hmmm. macam2 lagila. sounds tiring kan. but i'm happy buat semua tu! pelik kan:)

nila formula yang aku start bagi kat Irfan...

Qistina dulu memang minum Bebelac (as it was recommemded by our paed). dulu kitorang selalu beli banyak2 buat stock. sampaikan bila Qis dah 1 year, still got balance 2 tin. konon2 nak jual la, ntah camna ntah boleh lupa. since tak expire lagi, so, bolehla bagi kat Irfan. so far, Irfan ok dengan susu nih. so we will stick to this je la. hopefully, lepas puasa ni, susu mama back to normal......

Friday, August 27, 2010

Announcement! Tukar display name..

i've changed my display name! from mamaqis to cik jatt. mamaqis dah tak sesuaila. i've started used that name when i was having Qis only, but now dah ada Irfan pulak.
thought that maybe one day Irfan is reading my blog then for sure he gonna asked me 'mama, why u r using mamaqis. what about me mama.' hehehe.... not fair kan..

so, after giving some thoughts on what's the name should i use here, i've decided to use cik jatt.
guna nama sendiri je. my family and most of my friends used to call me jatt. purposely tambah cik tu. it sound nice (at least for me la:)

so, macam mana dengan korang. ade history tak camne korang dapat display name?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Qistina's Little House....

recently Qistina suuukkkaaaa sangat main dengan blanket or apa2 kain yang panjang. if dia nampak je kain, sesape je (selalunya mama la kan, Irfan pun join sekaki) akan diajaknya masuk bawah kain tu. mama layankan jer:) this activity is like a routine already for us everynight. takpela sayang, as long as u r happy. Irfan pun bukan main suka mama tengok.

see their happy faces:)

sukanya Qistina. Irfan kenapa pulak tu. boring dah ker:)

actually last time, ayah ada belikan Qistina a small tent for her birthday's present. mula2 dulu excited la mama tgk. sampaikan nak tidur kat dalam tu. but since Qistina got a new 'tent' which she has created on her own ni, macam dah dianaktirikan jer tent tu:)

we called this 'Qistina Little House'. ok ok....background semak sikitla. abaikan yer:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

4 simple ways to extend your notebook's life....

Korang sayang tak laptop korang. mau tak sayang kan. beli mahal2...
ok, aku baru je dapat mail ni kat opis. very good infos, so i think why not i share this with u ols kan.

Most notebook users only think about what their notebooks can do for them, not about what they can do for their notebooks. But if you treat it as you would your pet dog – don’t “overfeed” it but don’t let it go hungry between feedings, don’t leave it in a hot car, keep it clean, and be gentle with it – it will love you back for years to come.

1. Take care of your battery

Your notebook battery capacity will decrease with time, wear and tear, but there are things you can do to maximise its lifespan. For example, it is best to recharge batteries when they get to 10–20 percent charge, as regularly letting the battery fully discharge to 0 percent is not good for it. While short discharges and recharges won’t actually damage a battery, they can decrease the accuracy of the battery gauge; this can be remedied by doing a deliberate full discharge every 30 charges. When you’re not using the battery for a prolonged time, you can preserve its life by removing it at 40 percent charge and storing it in a cool, dry place. The worst thing you can do is leave a fully charged battery at high heat – which leads us to our next point …
oh tidakkk!!! aku sentiasa keep my laptop fully charged. in other words, power supply tu sentiasa on...

2. Avoid excessive heat

Notebooks generate a lot of heat. When they get too hot, they shut themselves down or cause damage to your notebook battery, hardware or electronic components. Because notebook operations are responsible for creating internal heat, you can avoid problems by changing settings and reducing processor speeds and screen brightness. You can also install freeware utilities that monitor the temperature of your notebook and automatically speed up the fan or decrease power usage. Turn off your computer before putting it in a notebook case or any confined space where heat can build up. And remember to avoid high-heat environments, like a hot car. Another way to ensure your notebook doesn’t overheat is to ...
this happenned once to me, when i left my laptop charging overnight!

3. Let air vents breathe

Overheating can quickly result if your notebook’s air vents are blocked. So don’t put it on a soft surface like a bed, where the blankets and pillows can squash up against the air vents, preventing air from circulating. Even on hard surfaces, some notebooks can have a hard time “breathing”. If this is the case with your notebook and you see that it is getting too hot, you can elevate the back of the computer by propping it up using household objects or getting a laptop stand that allows air to flow freely. Notebook coolers or “chill pads” work similarly but include external fans. Another way that air vents and ports can get blocked is with dust. Use a can of compressed air to clear them. Speaking of cleaning …
4. Be careful with LCD screens, the most expensive part of the notebook

When cleaning your screen, be very careful. Minerals in tap water can leave spots, so only use distilled water, and don’t use any solvents or alcohol, like household glass cleaner, or paper towels, which contain wood fibre and cause scratches. Best of all is to use a lint-free dry microfibre cloth to gently remove dust from your screen. In general, avoid touching the screen, as it can leave fingerprints and cause permanent marks if too much pressure is applied. Fractures in the LCD display, though you might not be able to see them, create lines, patterns, spots or bleeding around the edges of the screen, which may only get worse.
oh tidakkk!!! i knew it! that's why aku sangat rasa ngeri bila Qistina dok tekan2 the screen. adehhh..
By following these steps, reading and heeding the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings, and paying attention to your notebook, you can help ensure it has a long and happy life.
Note : Sayangilah laptop anda before it's too late ok. If not, be prepared to become 'kopak'....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Budak baru belajar blogging punya cerita...

korang perasan tak background blog aku dah lain (rasanya takde orang perasan pun..hahaha). aku tak plan pun nak tukar. actually citenya macam nih.....

aku tadi nak letak 'Recent Comment' kat sidebar tu. then try itu ini, last2 jadila. giler senang actually, tapi aku ni yang buat benda tu jadi susah. then suddenly aku realized, background aku hilang! aisehh... mesti aku terdelete. ni yang leceh ni, satu keja pulak nak gi carik background tu balik.

okla, gi carik jugakla. takkan aku nak just let my blog 'naked' gitu. carik punya carik, jumpa la balik background yang agak gojess tu. okla i thought dah settle dah. then, bila aku apply background tu, tiba2 sidebar aku pulak hilang semua bila aku view balik. adehhhh....gelabah gilela. abihla blog aku. macam mana nak wat nih. nak hantar e-mail kat google ke tanya. nak tanya sape nih. hahhaha...nampak sangat aku jahil bab2 blog nih.

then aku try lak background lain. kut2 la background tu yang problem. adala 2, 3 background aku try. then rearrange widget kat sidebar tu sikit2. tiba2 ada balik sidebar tu. magic la pulak. ntahla... aku pun tak tau apa aku buat.

so, aku biar je la background ni as it is. sweet gak kan. eh, korang paham ke tak cite aku ni eh. hahaha..

conclusion of the story, baaaaanyakkkk lagi aku tak tau dalam dunia blog ni. tapi aku still akan try and error. bukan kena bayar pun. FOC.

u ols pernah experience tak benda2 cenggini. tapi rasanya semua dah pro kut:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


bloghopping sana sini, then aku terjumpa blog ni. cute macam owner dia jugak:) she's organizing a contest on PINK! i like! sangat best okeh.

aku ni memang giler kaler pink nih. dari zaman muda remaja dulu sampaila zaman yang dah tak berapa remaja lagi dah nih:)

nak2 pulak my first baby is a girl. habis semua aku beli kaler pink (which is dah tak boleh recycle untuk my second baby nih, agak membazir jugakla). giler obses. hehehe..

here's my pic for the contest. actually this is the first time aku join contest. saje jerr... looks interesting....

i'm wearing pink, my lttle Qis is wearing pink and the flower also pink. okla tu ehh:)

clsing date is on the 9th September. jom join!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Entry shopping sebelum puasa..

weekend sebelum start puasa hari tu, sempatla jugak aku ngan cik abang keluar shopping baju raya untuk si kecik Qistina and Irfan. since ada sale kat Jusco, so baik la beli siap2. lagipun, time bulan puasa ni, dah sah2la malas nak keluar melainkan terpaksa.

sempat lagi tuh mama menggedik sebelum keluar...hehehe

ramai gile orang kat Jusco. i guess semua orang sibuk membeli baju raya untuk anak2 kut. actually aku ni sangat choosy bab2 membeli baju nih. baju kat anak2 pun aku pilih beriya iya. sabar je la cik abang yer. pilih punya pilih, last2 angkutla a dress and a blouse for Qis. for Irfan, aku beli short pants yang saaangat cute and a shirt. hahhhh.. itu je. after almost an hour membelek2. okeyyyyy... like i said, i'm a bit choosy:)

then jalan2 carik kasut pulak. and this time for mama pulak yer anak2. lama giler rasanya aku tak beli kasut. pusing punya pusing, masuk kedai tu masuk kedai ni, semua tak sangkut. kenapa la takde kasut yang ikut citarasa aku nih. aku pun tak tau nak kasut yang macam mana, tapi yang penting, aku mesti tangkap cintan kat kasut tu at the first sight. but not high heels of course. wedges maybe. hmmm...

then suddenly, i saw this at Vincci....

OMG! Iwant that! I want that! okla. korang nak gelak gelak la. tapi aku rasa kasut ni cute and fashionable. i loooveeeee it....

cik abang cakap tak cantik. although i've asked him i think almost 10 times. singh:) he said tak sesuai with my age. ye ker? tapi cute la. dah angkat pun satu. hehe

kasut2 anak2 tak beli lagi nih. alamat bulan puasa nih, kena la shoping lagi. baju raya aku pun tak beli lagi nih.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Breastfeeding during Ramadhan...

Alhamdulillah.. hari pertama berpuasa dah selesai. risau jugak aku takut tak tahan sebab nak kena pam susu lagi kan. actually, dalam kul 12 tu, perut aku dah keluar segala bunyi dah, tapi takdela sampai rasa nak tumbang ke apa. so aku rasa ok lagi kut.

hasil perahan pulak, Alhamdulillah still maintain macam biasa. normally, aku boleh dapat total 12-13 oz for 3 times pumping at work. and today aku dapat 12.5 oz! syukur sangat2. first pumping dapat 5.5 oz, second session 3.5 oz and the third session pun 3.5 oz. bolehla tu kan kan.

pemakanan aku takla the bomb sangat. aku bangun sahur dalam pukul 5 macam tu.
menu as following yerr..

plain water (minum sampai buncit..serious buncit okehh)
vitamin c (just started taking this vit due to Irfan's flu)
habbatus sauda

tu jerr... so, sahur hari ni, confirm tu jugak menu aku:) hopefully susu aku boleh maintain macam ni sepanjang Ramadhan, juga aku diberi kekuatan oleh-Nya untuk menjalani ibadah puasa.....

by the way, di kesempatan ni, aku nak ucapkan selamat menyambut Ramadhan kat korang semua! semoga kita semua dianugerahkan kekuatan menjalani ibadah puasa dan melipat kali gandakan amal ibadah. minta maaf la kalau ada apa2 tersalah tulis or terguris hati ok!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Irfan was sooo happy bila dah boleh discharge. bila orang acah pun, he can smiles and loughs as usual. Alhamdulillah. so, kelmarin aku g kerja macam biasa, sebab my mum still ada kat rumah. boleh tolong jaga Irfan sat.

next week kena bawa Irfan g hosptal, follow up. hopefully everything will be ok.

yang memeningkan aku sekarang ni, next week nak kena hantar Irfan balik ke nursery. ye la, kat nursery tu, tau2 jela, if ada yang sakit, cepat je berjangkit. aku sekarang ni, if possible tak nak Irfan kena selsema balik. sangat nightmare. paed pun dah pesan. if Irfan selsema, kena cepat2 bagi ubat. tapi tula, ubat selsema ni is not so recomended for baby. hanya Allah saja yang tau betapa risaunya aku. i have no choice. mudah-mudahan Allah melindungi anak-anak aku. kalau ikutkan hati aku, nak je hantar balik kampung minta mak jaga sat. but then, aku still breastfeeding. stock susu pun ada berapa botol je. Irfan tak nak susu formula.

time2 cenggini, rasa jeoulous pulak bila tengok mummys out there whose not working or work from home. bilala aku nak jadi macam diorang....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5th day...

Alhamdulillah. tadi dah jumpa pakar telinga. telinga Irfan takde problem. risau jugak kelmarin bila paed suruh refer to pakar telinga.

time dokter tu check telinga Irfan, as always Irfan rilek jer. rasa syok kut. hehe. good boy:)

so, esok boleh discharge. Yeyyyyy!!! Alhamdulillah. aku pun dah tak sanggup duduk sini. dahla ada budak2 confirm H1N1 kat level ni. adehhh.. risau gila nih. ya Allah, selamatkanla kami anak beranak. Amin

tak sabarnya nak balik rumah esok. Irfan pun dah boring duduk dalam ni. serba tak kena dia.

lepas ni, if Irfan kena selsema je, kena cepat2 bagi ubat. if berlarutan takut berulang lak jangkitan kat telinga dia. ya Allah, mintak2 dijauhkan la...

Monday, August 2, 2010

3rd day...

hari ni hari ketiga aku berkampung kat sini.

perkembangan Irfan..Alhamdulillah. telinga dah takde nanah dah (nanah ker??)
tapi hidung still tersumbat..
so, doktor suruh nurse bagi ubat titik hidung pulak.

doktor cakap bukan infection actually. yang kuar kat telinga tu actually dari hidung. sebab selsema terlalu banyak. so, dia terus kuar ikut hidung. ya Allah. kesian anak mama.

mudah-mudahan semua selamat. paed cakap kena stay sini 5 days, complete antibiotic. 5 hari pun 5 harila doktor, janji my baby cepat sembuh....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

2nd day...

hari ni hari kedua Irfan kat hospital. telinga Irfan ada lagi nanah. selsema pun ada jugak. Alhamdulillah la tak demam.

semoga aku dikuatkan semangat dan diberi kesihatan yang sempurna oleh-Nya untuk jaga Irfan. Irfan, cepat sembuh ok sayang. Amin