Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Irfan had his 1st Pneumococcal jab!

finally, aku and cik abang decided to give Irfan the Pneumococcal vaccine. Actually, our paed dah recommended this last time, but at that time we thought that it is not necessary. lagipun, mahal vaccine tu kan (seriessss mahal) gile kedekut.hehehe

tapi, lepas case Irfan admitted hari tu, terus tak pk panjang, we have to go for it. banyak sangat virus sekarang ni, macam2. so to give our dear babies a better protection, last Saturday, we went to the hospital for Irfan first Pneumococcal jab. according to paed, for babies below 1 year, they need to take 3 jabs with the interval of 2 months. so, another 2 jabs left for Irfan. for babies aged 1 to 2 years, they need to take 2 jabs and for kids above 2, they only need 1 jab or maybe 2. we are planning to give this to Qistina as well.....

mama tak sempat nak snap photo time Irfan kena inject tu. Irfan tak menangis pun, just menjerit je time kena inject tu, pastu ok dah. hero kan..hehehe

dah ready nak keluar, sambil tunggu ayah buang sampah, macam biasa, kita possing dulu!

mana ayah nih, possing lagi la....

Irfan tengah tunggu dalam bilik dokter..gelak besar dia:)

Irfan loves camera! maaaacam mama jugak yerrr...

sayangnya tak sempat nak snap gambar time Irfan kena cucuk. hopefully, dapatla snap yang 2nd one nanti.
note : mama riiiinnnnduuu sangat kat Qistina. sekarang ni Qistina still kat kampung dengan mak tok. mama terpaksa tinggal Qistina dekat mak tok kejap, sebab baru discharge kan. next week, mama akan ambik Qis balik. Irfan and ayah pun mesti rindu kat Qistina jugak kan.....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dugaan Raya 2010...

i hope it's still not too late to wish all of u, my dear friends (yes, u are my friends walaupun kita tak pernah jumpa:) Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin. takpe kan, raya kan sebulan:)

so, how was ur raya celebration? i hope and i believe it was great. sure korang having wonderful time with all your family members, jalan2 rumah sedara and kawan2, makan2.

aku pulak, raya kat hospital. hmmm... actually, it's a long story but to cut it short, my dear little girl was admitted a few days before raya. Qistina cirit birit until she was dehydrated. she refused to eat and drink milk. sangat kesian anak mama. she looks really tired. it was the first time dia jadi macam tu. normally, if Qis sakit pun, she still active and still can eat and drink milk.

after 3 days warded, Alhamdulillah Qis back to normal. she started to become active as usual, can sing her favourite song Selamat Hari Raya and Balik Kampung song...oh dear, i was soooo happy and grateful to see my dear Qis is back! and she started to drink and eat as usual. so malam raya tu, doctor bagi balik rumah, home rest, but then have to come again on the next day to take the antibiotic.

esoknya, which is on Hari Raya, pagi2 mama and ayah bawa Qis g hospital, to take the antibiotic. punyala lama nak drip antibiotic tu, habis dalam pukul 5 macam tu. so, memang satu hari raya tu, kat hospital la kami anak beranak. kesian Qis, tak boleh beraya. and guess what, the antibiotic has to be taken for 1 week. so, sampai raya keempat, macam tu la routine kami.

actually, if u asked me, honestly i did really have a great time! walaupun terpaksa raya kat hospital. sebab, i've spent the whole day with my little Qis. Qis also was very happy. we had fun together, sing raya song, makan ketupat sama2, kira duit raya (sesape yang datang melawat tu, mestila bagi duit raya kan, hehehe) and snap our own photos, of course:)

our raya photos are a bit special la, no family photos, just a random photos taken at hospital:) gambar dengan Irfan pun aku takde. sebab Irfan stay kat rumah mak tok, tak elok kan bawa baby gi hospital. mak tok pulak bawa Irfan g beraya. hahhh, yang ni sedih. huhuhu...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Calling Nanny 911!

I was searching for a channel to watch just now and found Nanny 911 at NTV 7. Oh my! I've read about how good this show is somewhere and somehow forgot about it. thank God I've accidently found that show on air. after finish watching it, i must say that the show is great. too bad i've missed the show in the past. i think i'll look for this in youtube later.

so, tonight the show was about George family. the Nanny was sent to this family in order to guide the mummy to be independent in taking care her 3 kids. i think the mummy is sooooo lucky to have husband like George who is willing to quit her job for taking care their kids. and the mummy goes to work. hmmm... ada jugak laki macam ni. but, that's not for the whole life la. dah agak dah:) now, it's mummy turn to quit the job and take care for the kids. that's why the Nanny came for rescue since the mummy is really lack of experience and ........ not to say bad mummy, but the father is much much more better. hehehe..

i've learnt a few things that i think can be applied too when dealing with Qistina. Here's i list some of them:

1. U may create a simple Family Rules for your kids!

2. Remember this entry? I've planned to craete a simple reward system when the times come for Qis and Irfan, and the Nanny had showed me the way! It looks fun and indirectly teach your kids on bad and good behaviour.

3. Avoid to umpan your kids with unhealthy food and drink (ice cream, donuts, chocholates, soda, etc..) when u want to keep them calm. memangla berkesan. but it's only for short term. there are a lot of better ways...

4. Don't ever let ur kids run the show. We as a parent must definitely in control. if not, nanti anak tak respect kat kita pulak kan.
i hope i will not miss the next show next week. i guess it will be on the same day and same time...Friday at 8.30 pm