Friday, April 30, 2010

Breastfeeding Awareness at work....

last Monday, on the 26th April, my company had organized a one hour talk on the Breasfeeding Awareness. Actually, i was so bz with projects and meetings, but i said to myself, i must go to this talk. So, once they came out with the notice in the Bulletin Board, i have booked my schedule for this.

The talk was held in one of the training center, and i was quite surprised seeing not even half of the room was occupied. I've heard that, all this while, this is the first time my company had this kind of talk.okeyyy....maybe next time more people will join. I got there 15 minutes earlier, and while waiting for the rest, they have shown us some photos on the talk or program that they have organized at other company, Penang area only. i was so excited knowing that they have organized also programm on babywearing! wahhh.. i wish i was there. if i'm not mistaken, they have that at DELL.

The talk was lead by this nice lady, Ms Su Li Lee, and assist by this such a gentle and nice lady (forgot her name..:). This time, the topic was only on Benefits of Breastfeeding. One hour seems like too short since the talk was so interesting. Su Li sangat kelakar and i really admire her for her success on breastfeeding her child for 2 and a half year. without formula okey. Bagus kan.. I did ask her on how she managed to maintain her milk supply. so, my dear Irfan, mama will try my best ok.

Apart from providing breastfeeding consultation, they are also selling mommy and baby stuff in their website Babyparadise. can't wait for the next session. they said, they will have this like once a month. i'll book my calendar, for sure.
this year, my company is really taking care of us, breastfeeding mother:) they are in a mid of providing us a room to express milk. Alhamdulillah. tak perlu lagi nak curik2 pam dalam meeting room. hehehe...


ntah hapa2 ntah..sekejap ada sekejap takde...hahaha..
orang ada blog, dia pun nak ada jugak..
i'm sooooo curious how come other mommy out there, still having time to keep update their blog.
me with 2 orang si kecik ni, feel susah sangat nak curi masa update blog.
alasan je nih. padahal, ada masa pulak layan facebook, shopping sana shopping sini:)

from now on, maybe senang sikitla nak update blog. because i've bought a new laptop!
yeyyyy...finally. dulu rasa macam malas je nak on pc 'kokak' tu, sekarang ni anytime..ecehh..
i've bought during IT fair at my company, and it really worth. it comes with a backpack and an external hard disk. it cost me only RM 1799. money spent well:)

so bye2 my old desktop, and welcome my new laptop. but don't worry, i will not throw u away. i will still keep u in the store, still sayang lagi nih. ye ni la yang banyak berjasa kat aku time study dulu....daripada tak pandai it, sampai dah terer it. eh, ye ke terer.bolehla....