Monday, May 31, 2010

Cerita tentang baju akad nikah.....

i was sooo excited in preparing for my sis akad nikah. so, last weekend me and my sis spent almost 4 hours pusing2, trying to find baju that suits my taste. hahaha... macam biasa, aku yang lebih2. my sis cool je.

since the date is just about 2 weeks more, and that time cuti sekolah pulak, all those yang cantik2 kena booked already. tinggalla yang tak berapa berkenan di hati... so, has not being finalized yet, next round will be my sis and my mum je, since i have to go back to Penang. kena kejaaaaa....

my advice (ke warning..hehehe) to my sis before i was going back....
'Buatla Pilihan Dengan Bijak'
me n cik abang...on the 10th February 2007...tema colour: silver.
baju tempah sendiri, which is dah tak muat nak pakai dah sekarang..huhuhu

aku yang control cun..hahaha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homemade baby food....

is all natural and healthy, so it's always the best for your baby. last time, i'll cook for Qis everyday, since the first day she started solid until the day i deliver Irfan. i'll wakeup around 5 a.m to cook, keep it in a thermal pot and then bring it to my babysitter. sounds penat kan, memang penat pun, but i enjoy doing that. rasa puas hati dapat masak least i know what she eats..

i've read a lot in internet and books on baby's food, until cik abang said i'm too strict and terlalu control about the food. bukan apa ye cik abang, ni untuk kebaikan anak kite jugak:) kecik lagi perut dia, so kenala jaga apa yang patut

actually i'm not a good cook (kan liza kan..hehe), but demi anak2, belajarla sikit2...bak kata my mother, lama2 pandaila tu...semangat2!

now Qis already 2 years old, so dah boleh makan macam2, mama pun dah tak masak untuk Qis. kat nursery tu, macam best je menu dia....hari2 tukar:)

so, sekarang ni turn Irfan pulak. but for Irfan, mama decided to prepare once in a week.meaning.....frozen la. senang sikit, jimat masa...efficient gitu. so mama already bought this at Tinytapir.
senang je guna nih. mama will bring 2 cubes of puree + 4 bottles of EBM to nursery. so far, they don't have problem to handle this. panaskan je dalam warmer..Irfan pun ok far mama dah try puree carrot and pumpkin.both Irfan suka. macam Qis jugak dulu:) pasni, nak try macam2 lagi...best2

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My breastfeeding journey....

Alhamdulillah....I've achieved my aim to fully breastfeed Irfan up to 6 months.... and still, i am until now. so, can i set my target to 1 year old? insyaAllah, semoga segalanya dipermudahkan-Nya.....

me myself hardly to believe that i can do this. thanks to SusuIbu , i really got a lot of information and tips from there. if only i found this forum even before i gave birth to my little Qis..... sebab kan, due to lack of knowledge, i've fully breastfeed Qis for only 1 month. then, i've started to mix with formula. it become worst, when i've started working, i've breastfeed only at night.

and after a year, i got pregnant again. so, i stop terus breastfeed. again, due to lack of knowledge...

apapun, aku tetap bersyukur coz still dapat breastfeed Qis although not fully. just imagine orang lain yang lagsung tak dapat breastfeed their baby. but i believe, they must have their own reason..

however, that was a history....the story change with my second child....i'm really determined this time.

Irfan, mama promise, mama will try my best to give u the best ok:)

Irfan at 6 and a half month.....and Alhamdulillah rezeki dia. susu mama still cukup

branded toys.....

bagus sangat ke...hmmm.... as from my experience, the quality is thumbs up! tapi...yes ada tapinya... qis not so interested to play with all those. sekejap je main, then dah boring dah. she's more interested playing with stuffs yang dah sedia ada kat rumah. jimat duit mama and ayah.hehehe...but mama still dok perabis duit jugak membeli...just can't resist. lagila bila terjebak dengan online shopping nih....

the thing is, rumah pun dah macam tongkang pecah. weekend je mama sempat kemas rumah... Irfan pulak, is counting time je to join Qis.
memang maintain slim la mama macam ni...hehe...

ok, back to the toys thing, the first branded toys that mama and ayah bought for Qis is....

the Fisher Price Singing Star Gym... this gym grow with your child from infancy to toodlerhood, so it's a worth buy. qis also seems to enjoy playing with it.... tapi dah besar ni, dia dah tak main dah. irfan pulak, mama bought other gym....hmm.. ada harapan nak kena let go nih...

this Playskool Step Start Walk 'N Ride mama bought to helps Qis to stand and walk. not bad la. but attention please! don't ever leave your baby with this alone... coz agak licin la tyre dia...

this Fisher Price - Tappy the Turtle is really cute. when kid tap on those shapes with the mallet, his head pops out of his shell with a boing! then just push in the head to start again. cute kan...mama dia pulak yang over..hehe

this Cookie Shape Surprise pun cute jugak... saje beli, tinggal kat kampung. so whenever kitorang balik kampung, bolehla dia main....

adala a few lagi... masuk toys storage. actually, tak banyak pun yang branded n expensive nih. nafsu je semua tuh. kopak mak. yang murah2 takde brand lagi banyak. biasala, save budget. hehehe...since dah ada Irfan, kenala kuarkan balik. ....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

why u suka pakai tudung macam ni??

macam ni......

dan macam ini........

sebabbbbb........ i rasa muda pakai macam ni....hahaha...
that's my answer when my friend asked me that question, a few days back.
then, she said, i rasa tak kemas la u pakai macam ni. but somehow, another friend menyampuk, no la, nampak elegant....
hmmm.... which one to believe? well, different people has their own opinion.
for me, i love wearing shawl. very easy. if tak iron pun boleh pakai:)

yesterday, i bought a red tudung syria. it's really cheap, 12 ringgit only. last time i bought it 15 ringgit. so, i tried wearing the anak tudung match with a shawl. sangattttttt senang and kemas. terletak je...... takdela bulat sangat muka

tapi apa pun, tudung bawal lagi senang nak pakai. tak payah nak lilit bagai... yang penting, kena iron ok.....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Always full of surprise....

that's my sis. she's really unpredictable and spontaneous (betul ke aku eja ni..hehe) person. always full of surprise one. i still remember, when she was still teaching at Sabah, everytime balik kampung je, mesti inform last minute. a few times, she even called us when she's already at airport and asked us to pick her up.

and last weekend, she did it again! my sis engaged! and the thing is, it was all of sudden and i was not there:(

when i got there, diorang dah nak balik dah. actually, i would say, it was an 'express tunang'. without any preparation. i langsung tak tau diorang nak tunang. thought that they are coming only to discuss on the akad nikah and kenduri. dengan kakakku yang pakai pun sempoi, no makeup, no hantaran, no sarung2 cincin...hahaha... that's my sis...saaaaaaangatt opposite dengan aku......

anyway, i love u sooooooo much and always pray for your happiness....

Friday, May 14, 2010

IKEA at Penang...

i was busy with my pumping thingy while we were on our way back from work, when suddenly cik abang cakap 'ehh...IKEA hantar sampai Penang ke'. aik... i was wondering why tetiba keluar IKEA pulak nih. until i saw this just beside our car...

do they really ship until north area? hmmm... if they have it, for sure we must bare the shipping cost by ourselves. baik pergi sendiri je. hehe.. rasa macam nak ikut pakcik tu balik IKEA je...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Irfan turns 6 months on the Mother's Day!

and he's starting his first solid today! mama memang dah tak sabar2 nak masak nih:) so, here's the simple puree i've made for him:


just boiled all in a pot. and taraaaa.... siap. irfan is now ready to tastes his first yummy..
irfan dah ready nih. kita snap gambar dulu sebelum makan k..

muka cam kena paksa je si Irfan nih..hehe

not forgotten Qis meal. i've made a sardin roll for her breakfast. mama and ayah pun tumpang sekaki. hehe... it's really easy. u just need

slice bread (i prefer Gardenia)

letak sardin with the chopped onion on top of the slice bread and roll it. then, roll it again in the egg. u see, that's why it's called sardine roll.hehe. finally, goreng dengan sedikit butter. sedikit saja okey, or else nanti sangat berminyak. ok siapp!
senang kan.

Qis while waiting for mama's sardine roll... suka betul dia conteng2

and for Qis lunch, mama masak her favourite macaroni goreng...
i reallllyy looveeeee weekend! adala masa sikit nak masak2.
wish that everyday is a weekend. hahaha.. tak logic punya wish

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Family visit....

this time visit is really a surprise! it was around 10 a.m in the morning when i received a call from my mum saying that they are on their way to my house. i was soo happy since it's been already 1 month i'm not meeting them. tapi kan...aiseh. rumah macam tongkang pecah. i have only about half an hour untuk kemas apa yang patut. nasib baik cik abang ada:) thanks my dear. lunch also beli je kat luar. ampeh punya anak.hehe..

the plan was to go for a shopping at Jusco Perda. but then, only after Qis bangun tidur. tapi, si kecik Qis tu tak nak tidur pulak. excited sangat main dengan mak tok and mak long. last2 tertido araound 3 p.m. so, me and cik abang je la kuar, bring along Irfan with us. shopping groceries je.

my family left around 8 p.m. In the past, everytime bila my family nak balik, my little Qis tu sure nangis punya nak ikut. but this time, we all sangat terkejut, dia saaaaangat ok. siap bye2 lagi.hehe... pandai anak mama. dah besar dah dia, so dah faham dah:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm wearing my baby!

My first trip after having a second child was in last March 2010. Me, my sis and my mum, went to KL for 2 days and 1 night. It was an unplanned trip, so i would say it was quite successful:) It's not easy tau to have a long journey with a small kid and a baby. Our trip is basically for jalan2 and shopping only. Shopping with a baby....hmmmm....This is when Babywearing came across my mind.

Although we went to Nilai, IKEA and Jalan TAR, but not much we can buy. Just imagine, i have to push the stroller at those places. Sangat tak practical. It's a really no no.Aduhh.. agak terkilan jugakla. If only i have a baby carrier.......

So, after reading a lot on this babywearing, finally i've decided to buy a Littlepod SSC. I've sent mail to Jess, owner of this Peekaroobaby and we made an appointment for a short meet up. We've met at Kassim Mustafa at 10 this morning. I've bring along Irfan so that she can show me how to use it. I'm totally in love with it! The design and colour is so nice. Looks like Irfan also feels comfy inside there. Tak nangis pun when mama was trying it out. Good boy:)

these are what i got from jess...thanks a lot jess:)

this is how my SSC looks like. this is not me:) i'll post my own picture next time.......

It so happened that Jess is actually the President of the Malaysian Babywearer forum. I'm so lucky that i've met with her. Mama dapat banyak tips and info nih. Dah berkobar2 nak guna nih:)

Actually, we are going back to my MIL house at SP after that. But there was a Parkson Warehouse Sale at Sunway Carnival. Alamak, can't resist. So, singgahla sat. After having our brunch at Rasamas, apalagi, mama pun tour la the mall. End up, mama bought a cloth book for Irfan. For Qistina, mama bought a cute swimsuit and a floral dress. Ayah also bought 2 pants. For mama..........macam biasa, nothing....huhu...excited beli barang kat anak2 punya pasal. takpela.. maybe next time.....