Friday, July 16, 2010

Merit and Demerit System

Last few weeks, I was assigned by my bos for a new project, which is to develop a reward system to our plant. mak ai.apa ke benda pulak la aku kena buat nih.time dia brief aku tu, aku pun as always, pretend to be cool and steady. professional la tu kunun. hehe. but deep inside me, only God knows. memang berat task nih untuk aku, sebab aku takde experience langsung pasal benda nih, totally zero. and aku jugak tak boleh benchmark mana2 plant pun kat company aku coz tak pernah dibuat orang pun kat situ.

why me? why aku yang kena buat. maybe sebab aku je satu-satunya engineer kat department aku tu kut. but is this engineer's job anyway?

okeyy...take it easy. let's take it as a challenge! think positive.

i've just completed my proposal today and i'm going to present it to my bos early next week. not sure whether she will buy off my idea, but least i have tried my best.

the reward system is something like Merit and Demerit System. i believe u all have heard about this since it is common at school. but, hey! u know what, we can apply it at home to our kids too. it some kind of a discpiline methode too.

Basically, the system is designed to promote positive behavior to improve discipline (Merit) as well as to emphasizes consequences of misbehavior (Demerit).

I'm not going to talk much here, but u can find more infos here on how u can apply this method to your kids. I have tried a few of it and personally, i think the method is good untuk guide u how to deal with toddler......

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