Friday, October 15, 2010

berita sedih...

actually, i'm still in shock.

just came to know that one of my junior time study dulu, Taufiq Shariff , ada brain cancer. he will be operated tomorrow. According to the doctors, he has a 60% chance. Otherwise, he will only have a few weeks left. hmmm... aku sangat sedih sekarang sampai tak tau nak tulis apa.

dia admitted kat kl sekarang. sangat terkilan aku tak dapat visit dia. we are quite close. bilik dia bawah bilik aku jer dulu. he's a very nice person indeed. suka buat jokes. i can talk almost everything with him. and also he's a very talented photographer!

aku doakan semua berjalan lancar esok dan dia akan cepat sembuh. if u r happened to read this, please pray for him...

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