Tuesday, June 8, 2010

malaysia way of LEADERSHIP!

somewhere in April, i was nominated by my bos to join an 8 days course workshop which is called the Executive Leadership Program. Frankly speaking, at that time i rasa sangat malas nak join. the first reason is of course it is 8 days program, although we will have it like 2 days a month for the WHOLE YEAR, it is still 8 DAYS okey!

Next reason will be, my bos is joining the program and i'm sure most of the participitants are at the higher level. arghh.. aku cukup tak suka training dengan bos2 nih...

well, after the first two days program completed, i must say that i am actually very lucky and grateful that i've joined this program. the program was very informative, motivativating, inspiring, entertaining and what more can i say.....the trainer is marvellous. i really enjoyed it.

Mr Heera Singh, i don't think i will forget his name. he owns a web which consist of all his articles and information on his service as a consultant. he wrote a book (Bestseller nih) which for the first time i feel like reading this book. selalunya aku agak malasla nak baca buku2 ilmiah macam ni. lagipun dapat free buku nih:)

The reason why i think this book is readable are:

  • nipis. biasalah orang malaysia nih mana nak baca buku tebal2
  • ada 30 different chapters in this book. i always like this kind of book. sebab if u read a few sentence in the first chapter, and u found it is boring, u can always switch to the next chapter, and so on...
  • every chapter has a summary in a small blue box at the end of it. it called Key Learning Points. so, if u r so lazy to read the whole chapter, u can just read this..hehe

i'm really looking forward for the second session, which will be another two days, next month..

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