Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chickenpox or Measles???

it's measles!!! that's what my paed said when we met doctor yesterday. poor my little Irfan:(
i thought Irfan kena chicken pox. but he said, sort of since Measles and Chickenpox are in the same group.
after demam for a few days, naik bintik2 merah kat muka, followed by badan. seb baik bintik2 kecik je, like rashes..
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Qis also kena this, but at that time, she was around 8 months already. it lasts for 3-4 days..

some infos copied from internet..


This first appears looking like a little bug bite on your child’s belly, and is usually more annoying than harmful. Other symptoms include (in order of appearance):

•loss of appetite
•mild fever
•itchy, fluid-filled bumps.

These may last for a week or so. Crusty scabs comprise the final stage and can last for up to two weeks before flaking off and being replaced by healthy, healed skin.

Because chickenpox is a viral infection, the use of natural immune enhancers can be used to fight it–unlike antibiotics, which have no effect against viruses. Many wholistic doctors don’t recommend the chickenpox (Varicella) vaccine, as we do not find it difficult to help children get through chickenpox without complications.


This is a highly contagious viral infection spread by respiratory secretions (e.g., coughs, runny nose). Symptoms include:

•runny nose
•eyes that redden and tear
•persistent cough
•red, bumpy rash (not itchy)
•fatigue and increasing fever
•blue-white spots on the inside of the mouth.

A case of the measles normally lasts about nine days. Complications such as respiratory tract and ear infections may occur, and in rare cases, brain inflammation and seizures. If your child develops shortness of breath, a fever over 38°C (100°F), convulsions, severe stomach pain or vomiting, seek medical help immediately.

mudah-mudahan Irfan cepat sembuh.....

relax jap lepas makan ubat..

Irfan like always, senyum je...sangat baik anak mama nih:)

kakak pulak mengantuk sangat sampai tertido dalam keta on the way balik dari clinic, mama kena dukung dari kereta sampai ke rumah

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