Tuesday, June 8, 2010

men is from mars, women is from venus...

no... i'm not going to talk about alien. hehe....
what i want to say here is that men and women are totally different. that's why, in every marriage life, mesti ade gaduh2 kan. tipula kalau tak pernah gaduh. apa tu, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit.

so cik abang, if u r happened to read this, this entry is specially dedicated for you my dear:) actually, i was inspired by the leadership workshop that i've attended. this was kind of selingan during that training. tapi kan, seriously, memang betul la apa yang dia cakap tu.

so, guys out there, pleaseeee read this. this might help u to deal with your partner. i'm not going to list out everything, just a few points only..

  • ok. ladies out there, we talk a lot right, i mean compare with guys. well, i tell u what, it's ok. actually, women have more quota of words per day compare to men. it's a fact! i don't have the figures here, but u will find it in internet. so, guys, please... we are finishing our quota. that's all. just listen lahh... bagi peluang sikit:)

  • i believe most of men out there are familiar with this kind of conversation:

cik abang : yang, jom kita makan luar malam ni. nak tak?

cik adik : eh, jom2. lama kita tak makan luar eh

cik abang : so, kita nak makan kat mana

cik adik : hmm... mana2 la. ikut abangla

cik abang : ok. kita gi Pelita Nasi Kandar la

cik adik : alaaa... boringla. asyik2 mamak

cik abang : hmm....ok. kalau macam tu kita gi makan nasi ayam kat Chicken Rice Shop

cik adik : alaaaa.. tak suka la nasi ayam dia. tak sedap

cik abang : (time ni darah dah start naik dah nih) tadi kata mana2 pun boleh. dah abang bagi cadangan, semua tak mau. okla, kita gi Pizza Hut la

cik adik : okeyyyla..as u wish la. pizza hut la...(muka dah monyok dah nih)

cik abang : dah pulak. buat muka pulak. nak gi ke tak nak ni

cik adik : ala abang ni, kenapa nak emo pulak nih

cik abang : (darah dah makin naik nih) aikk... abang pulak yang emo. dia tu yang bla bla..

the conversation not end here. cik abang and cik adik started to have a fight. last2 makan mee maggi je la kat rumah..hehe

moral of the story is..... bila cik abang tu tanya nak makan kat mana, and cik adik jawab kat mana2 pun boleh, actually kan, cik adik tu dah ada dah tempat yang dia nak gi dalam otak dia tu. it just that, cik abang tu kena guess sampai betul. and by the time cik abang tu guess betul (in this case, Pizza Hut:), so cik adik tu pun kunun2 je la buat2 muka monyok sambil setuju, nak jaga air mukala katakan...hehe

so guys, are we complicated? kena pandai2 la yerrrrr

typical perempuan kut nih. suka tanya soalan yang sangat obvious..hehe

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