Friday, June 4, 2010

We need books!!!

it's been a while i didn't buy any book, even for Qis. Remember this entry? this is the last book that i've bought, which is a cloth book for Irfan..

Irfan suka gigit ini buku.....

ehhh.wait. i just bought PaMa Jun edition. is that counted:)

every weekends, always occupied, until we didn't manage to pay a visit to any bookstore. this coming weekends pulak, kena attend banyak kenduri kawen. hmmm... beli online je la kut..

as our Qis and Irfan growing up, our job as a parent gets tougher and tougher, and i think we really need a parenting book. i know i can find a lot of information on parenting in internet, but i always prefer to refer in a book. senang sikit, takde masa nak surf internet (tapi ada masa pulak tulis blog,facebooking, online shopping...hehehe)

this book is one of my top wishlist.

Here's the book review....

Some parents make it look so easy.

They are eternally calm, have great relationships with their kids, and seem to have parenting down to a fine art. But is this really possible? How do they do it? Have you ever wondered what makes them so good?

These parents do many things right but have one thing in common. They know The Rules of Parenting. The set of golden behaviours that help you to help your kids look after themselves, enjoy life, be caring and kind, and help you to enjoy the whole experience too.

The Rules of Parenting is the reassuring support that thousands have been searching for. You don’t have to be a perfect parent, and you don’t have to have perfect children; this book will tell you why.

Templar’s simple rules will reveal the small things that you can do to make a big difference; the behaviours, the motivations, the ways of thinking that will help you through both the early and later years of

parenting. None of them guarantee success, but they all increase your chances of bringing up happy, healthy children. And they will all show you how to remain sane, keep your sense of humour and be a great parent; after all, it’s an important job to get right.

The Rules of Parenting puts everything in perspective and you in control. A simple set of principles and behaviours that will guide you smoothly through the challenge of being a parent.

There are 100 rules in this book. fuhhhh....banyak tu

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