Sunday, May 9, 2010

Family visit....

this time visit is really a surprise! it was around 10 a.m in the morning when i received a call from my mum saying that they are on their way to my house. i was soo happy since it's been already 1 month i'm not meeting them. tapi kan...aiseh. rumah macam tongkang pecah. i have only about half an hour untuk kemas apa yang patut. nasib baik cik abang ada:) thanks my dear. lunch also beli je kat luar. ampeh punya anak.hehe..

the plan was to go for a shopping at Jusco Perda. but then, only after Qis bangun tidur. tapi, si kecik Qis tu tak nak tidur pulak. excited sangat main dengan mak tok and mak long. last2 tertido araound 3 p.m. so, me and cik abang je la kuar, bring along Irfan with us. shopping groceries je.

my family left around 8 p.m. In the past, everytime bila my family nak balik, my little Qis tu sure nangis punya nak ikut. but this time, we all sangat terkejut, dia saaaaangat ok. siap bye2 lagi.hehe... pandai anak mama. dah besar dah dia, so dah faham dah:)

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