Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm wearing my baby!

My first trip after having a second child was in last March 2010. Me, my sis and my mum, went to KL for 2 days and 1 night. It was an unplanned trip, so i would say it was quite successful:) It's not easy tau to have a long journey with a small kid and a baby. Our trip is basically for jalan2 and shopping only. Shopping with a baby....hmmmm....This is when Babywearing came across my mind.

Although we went to Nilai, IKEA and Jalan TAR, but not much we can buy. Just imagine, i have to push the stroller at those places. Sangat tak practical. It's a really no no.Aduhh.. agak terkilan jugakla. If only i have a baby carrier.......

So, after reading a lot on this babywearing, finally i've decided to buy a Littlepod SSC. I've sent mail to Jess, owner of this Peekaroobaby and we made an appointment for a short meet up. We've met at Kassim Mustafa at 10 this morning. I've bring along Irfan so that she can show me how to use it. I'm totally in love with it! The design and colour is so nice. Looks like Irfan also feels comfy inside there. Tak nangis pun when mama was trying it out. Good boy:)

these are what i got from jess...thanks a lot jess:)

this is how my SSC looks like. this is not me:) i'll post my own picture next time.......

It so happened that Jess is actually the President of the Malaysian Babywearer forum. I'm so lucky that i've met with her. Mama dapat banyak tips and info nih. Dah berkobar2 nak guna nih:)

Actually, we are going back to my MIL house at SP after that. But there was a Parkson Warehouse Sale at Sunway Carnival. Alamak, can't resist. So, singgahla sat. After having our brunch at Rasamas, apalagi, mama pun tour la the mall. End up, mama bought a cloth book for Irfan. For Qistina, mama bought a cute swimsuit and a floral dress. Ayah also bought 2 pants. For mama..........macam biasa, nothing....huhu...excited beli barang kat anak2 punya pasal. takpela.. maybe next time.....

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