Monday, May 10, 2010

Irfan turns 6 months on the Mother's Day!

and he's starting his first solid today! mama memang dah tak sabar2 nak masak nih:) so, here's the simple puree i've made for him:


just boiled all in a pot. and taraaaa.... siap. irfan is now ready to tastes his first yummy..
irfan dah ready nih. kita snap gambar dulu sebelum makan k..

muka cam kena paksa je si Irfan nih..hehe

not forgotten Qis meal. i've made a sardin roll for her breakfast. mama and ayah pun tumpang sekaki. hehe... it's really easy. u just need

slice bread (i prefer Gardenia)

letak sardin with the chopped onion on top of the slice bread and roll it. then, roll it again in the egg. u see, that's why it's called sardine roll.hehe. finally, goreng dengan sedikit butter. sedikit saja okey, or else nanti sangat berminyak. ok siapp!
senang kan.

Qis while waiting for mama's sardine roll... suka betul dia conteng2

and for Qis lunch, mama masak her favourite macaroni goreng...
i reallllyy looveeeee weekend! adala masa sikit nak masak2.
wish that everyday is a weekend. hahaha.. tak logic punya wish

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