Saturday, May 22, 2010

My breastfeeding journey....

Alhamdulillah....I've achieved my aim to fully breastfeed Irfan up to 6 months.... and still, i am until now. so, can i set my target to 1 year old? insyaAllah, semoga segalanya dipermudahkan-Nya.....

me myself hardly to believe that i can do this. thanks to SusuIbu , i really got a lot of information and tips from there. if only i found this forum even before i gave birth to my little Qis..... sebab kan, due to lack of knowledge, i've fully breastfeed Qis for only 1 month. then, i've started to mix with formula. it become worst, when i've started working, i've breastfeed only at night.

and after a year, i got pregnant again. so, i stop terus breastfeed. again, due to lack of knowledge...

apapun, aku tetap bersyukur coz still dapat breastfeed Qis although not fully. just imagine orang lain yang lagsung tak dapat breastfeed their baby. but i believe, they must have their own reason..

however, that was a history....the story change with my second child....i'm really determined this time.

Irfan, mama promise, mama will try my best to give u the best ok:)

Irfan at 6 and a half month.....and Alhamdulillah rezeki dia. susu mama still cukup

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