Friday, August 27, 2010

Announcement! Tukar display name..

i've changed my display name! from mamaqis to cik jatt. mamaqis dah tak sesuaila. i've started used that name when i was having Qis only, but now dah ada Irfan pulak.
thought that maybe one day Irfan is reading my blog then for sure he gonna asked me 'mama, why u r using mamaqis. what about me mama.' hehehe.... not fair kan..

so, after giving some thoughts on what's the name should i use here, i've decided to use cik jatt.
guna nama sendiri je. my family and most of my friends used to call me jatt. purposely tambah cik tu. it sound nice (at least for me la:)

so, macam mana dengan korang. ade history tak camne korang dapat display name?


firahadifa said...

cik jatt ?? .. hrmmm nice.. :)

norliza_osman said...

cik jatt.. best gak.. huhu

Cik Jatt said...

firahadifa - hehehe. macam makcik2 pun ye jugak:)

liza - guna nama sendiri senang:)